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The Composition of Honey


Lies and deception are Tony Jefferies’ livelihood. An agent in the Special Operations division of the CIA, Tony has infiltrated the Gambini crime family. His mission is to stop the sale of weapons to a known terrorist supplier, Prince Al-Saud and bring down the mob family selling him the weapons at the same time. A major complication - Tony Jefferies has fallen in love with a woman he is investigating. But she has fallen for Adam Carmichael, his legend.

Joni Crawford is a widow of seven years. She has dreamed about a man coming into her life and having another chance at a happily ever after. The man invading her dreams is Adam Carmichael. After wrestling with her feelings, Joni gives her heart away. Months later, Joni learns Adam’s true identity and about the federal investigation that initiated their relationship. She must make a choice about their future.

During a spontaneous trip, the couple runs into the Prince at their hotel. Prince Daniel seeks out Joni for a private meeting. Agent Jefferies must now find a way to keep her safe from the mob, the CIA, and a budding interest from the terrorist, Prince Al-Saud, without blowing his cover as Adam Carmichael.

Can the couple survive the duplicity of their beginning, make a break from the ongoing federal investigation, and start a new life as the Jefferies?

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The Composition of Honey

The Honey Saga

The Touch of Honey

Spies, the NSA, a car crash, and a widow all have a place in this story, After losing her husband and son in a car crash, the widow innocently googles the name Adam Carmichael after seeing his picture in the newspaper. Why would she be dreaming of this jet-setting man? With the exception of that man, she has a reference points for her dreams.
Little did she know that inquiry would be captured by the NSA and lead to an investigation by the CIA. Agent Tony Jefferies is working undercover and has infiltrated a major mafia family with ties to terrorism. If she remembers him, his cover might be blown. His new mission is to investigate why she is searching for him after all this time.
It doesn’t take long for Agent Jefferies to realize she has no recollection of him at the scene of the fatal accident or for him to fall in love. Tony Jefferies, aka Adam Carmichael, mafia hitman, has fallen deeply in love. He must maintain his cover to complete the investigation, but he also wants a chance at a normal life with this woman. His fear...will the woman he calls honey forgive him when she learns of the investigation and deception that brought them together?