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Extracting Honey


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Book 3 of the Honey Saga


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      They were supposed to be safe!

Three years ago, Adam and Joni Carmichael were declared legally dead. With the help of the Witness Protection Program, the couple relocated to a secluded ranch in Montana, where they have crafted a quiet existence for themselves. 

But the disappearance of a guest from their bed and breakfast, a wounded FBI agent, and his wife’s kidnapping, dashes any plans for a normal life. Retired CIA agent, Tony Jefferies, aka Adam Carmichael, doesn’t believe in coincidences. These events confirm someone from their past has entered their present. 

A terrified and desperate, Agent Jefferies will need to follow a convoluted trail of evidence, buried secrets, and hidden agendas to bring his wife home and the kidnappers to justice.

What follows in this suspenseful romantic story is a series of events that can only be endured by the powerful bond of love. Extracting Honey is an enthralling and thoroughly satisfying read.

What Readers are Saying

"Everyone should get this book. I just kept reading it. Now I'm sad it's ended."

"A tense story which I had to finish in one sitting."

"What a terrific read. The ending was a complete surprise!"

"One of the best books I have read. I stayed up most of the night to read it."

"I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. It's been a long time since a book has captivated me so much to do that. It is full of twists and turns."

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About Me

In the Beginning

 Life as a writer began journaling in notebooks. Bonanza was my favorite show and I wrote what is now called Fanfiction type of stories. In my youth, my imagination was vivid, leading to embellishing everyday stories. It was when my sixth-grade teacher handed me a notebook and said, ‘saying untruths out loud is called lying, but writing them on paper is called fiction,’ which was advice I took to heart.  

The Honey Saga

 The characters in the Honey Saga are realistic in behaviors, fears, and baggage. They exhibit a great work ethic, which was consistently modeled by my family. Outside influences such as domestic violence, religious practices, and a sixth sense/intuition also find their way into my stories.

 My reading preference are books that follow a central set of characters. This allows the reader to develop a deeper relationship and becomes vested in their stories.

My personal life philosophy is to do the right thing all the time even when no one is looking. This puts the character Tony Jefferies, aka Adam Carmichael, in direct opposition of my core value because of his ongoing mission.



I am a freelance writer, poet, trade publication contributor and now published author. Currently, I belong to the Military Romance, Circle of Writers,  Writer's Group, and Suspense Writers club, Mystery/Suspense writers, Thrill Writers, and Writers Unite, writers and critique groups.  "A purposeful writer, but an accidental author," best describes my venture into publishing.


I was born in Vincennes, Indiana, but after traveling the USA with a military husband, I now reside in Central Illinois with my teenage children, two cats, and three dogs.