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Recipe for fitness

Starting a fitness plan after 50

If you’ve never exercised, starting can feel overwhelming. The first step is to set a goal, Determine why you want to start a fitness routine — to lose weight, get stronger, or improve your overall health. Once you have a goal, you have something to work toward 


Options for cardiovascular activities include:

  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Playing doubles tennis

 Another key is to start slowly and then build slowly. “The key is gradual progression,” Don’t be surprised if, after your first workout — even a brisk walk — you’re sore. Some soreness is to be expected. But if you’re so sore that you can’t move, you may have overdone it and should take it a little slower.

If you can’t do 30 minutes at a time, break your workout into 10-minute intervals. Any exercise counts as long as it’s sustained for at least 10 minutes at a time and is of moderate to vigorous i

Strength Training

For strength training,  working out every other day (or every third day, when starting) — never on consecutive days. It’s the rest, not the working out, that makes you stronger,. “Working out breaks down muscles and the rest builds them back up.” Begin with whole-body exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. Then you can home in on specific muscles and add exercises such as bicep curls and triceps extensions. Three sets of 10 repetitions is a good starting point, he adds. Although free weights and weight machines are effective, consider using resistance bands, which are lengths of stretchy material that work muscles without your having to lift actual weights

Sample Beginner Plans

Option 1:

Sunday: 30-minute brisk walk

Monday: 30-minute brisk walk

Tuesday: 30-minute brisk walk

Wednesday: Strength training

Thursday: 30-minute brisk walk

Friday: 30-minute brisk walk

Saturday: Strength training


Option 2

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Jog for 25 minutes

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Jog for 25 minutes 

and then do strength training

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Strength training

Saturday: Jog for 25 minutes

Book Reivews


For a chance to win a hardcover copy of Nora Robert's new book,

Irish Thoroughbred,  go to

One Among Us by Paige Dearth

Maggie was kidnapped at eleven years old and thrust into the world of human trafficking.  Her family and Det. Rae Harker search frantically for Maggie. Maggie remains in captivity for many years before she is able to break free.

I would definitely recommend this book if you like something dark and realistic.  I connected emotionally with the characters and rode the emotional roller coaster until the end.  This book became my addiction until I finished.

Life is too short

I picked up some new genre books (vampire, sci-fi, paranormal, etc) and just can't get into them.  My reviews will be predominately on romance, suspense, spy, and historical novels. Life is too short to waste time on what I don't love.

Available from author J. L. Brandenburg

Coming Soon. Extracting Honey

The continuing saga of Adam and Joni.

If you enjoy these or any other books, please leave a review at Amazon or on Goodreads.  A  review is the single best referral for an author to garner new readers.

The Touch of Honey

Check out this great video put together by Lumen5.